The next best thing to Wal-Mart

by admin on 7. April 2011

The next best thing to Wal-Mart

An appellate court has ruled that Walmart did not discriminate against the religious freedoms of an employee by firing the woman for caustic antigay remarks directed at a homosexual coworker.

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A former WalMart employee who took the retail giant to court claiming religious discrimination after she was fired for violating WalMarts nondiscrimination policy over an incident where she told a lesbian coworker she was going to. Theres just one problem its all rumors.

The rumor mill is roiling with tales of Walmart test projects including the possibility of home delivery.

I admit my husband and I bought our original silver wedding bands from Walmart back when they were only 5 each and we did go there after the wedding but NOT LIKE THAT Nothing could be so important to chance ruining a. In September of 2005 a lesbian employee of. Talk about an April Fools Day prank gone haywire. One thing with Walmart is that the prices tend to vary dramatically from store to store so you may not find the exact same prices.

A Maryland man could not get off the can at WalMart last week.

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A court has backed US retail giant WalMart for sacking an antigay worker who claimed she was a victim of discrimination for being a Christian.

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We read the latest about the ongoing gender discrimination case the one Walmart lawyers. Please keep in mind that Walmart prices can vary GREATLY from by region but these can serve as a guideline. In September of 2005 a lesbian employee.

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